History of the Paradise Mine

The story of the Paradise Mine dates back to the earliest days of British Columbia – the 6th province to join the Canadian Confederation. 

It was a time of tough men and women, gold rushes, river steamers and railway lines stretching through the vast mountain landscapes. It’s a story of exploration, prospecting, entrepreneurial spirit, hard work and nation-building in which fortunes were made and lost, and the foundations of today’s Columbia Valley communities were built.

This amazing story is set against the unrelenting and often harsh natural backdrop of British Columbia’s rugged Purcell Mountains with their legendary cold, snowy winters and usually hot but short summers. The Purcell Mountains are adjacent to the mighty Columbia River and next door to the famous Canadian Rockies. They embrace high glaciated mountains, resplendent alpine lakes, verdant wetlands, magnificent old-growth forests and rushing rivers. These features provide a habitat for an abundant variety of plant and animal communities.

It was to these same mountains that a few hardy prospectors came seeking their fortune in the late 1880s and the rest, as they say, is history. These days Paradise Basin and the Paradise Mine serve as home base for Toby Creek Snowmobile and ATV Adventures. Still, this peaceful and highly scenic alpine area was once the site of a bustling mining operation that employed hundreds of the early residents in the local area.

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Note: The information presented in these pages is believed to be a reasonably accurate representation of the history of the Paradise Mine. It has been collated from various sources, including local documents, government records, and Internet sources. If you are aware of any additional information or notice any inaccuracies, please contact us.