All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) & Side-by-Side (SXS)Fleet

ATV Can-Am Outlander

2022 SXS Can-Am-SXS

Our ATV fleet features the Can-Am Outlander DPS.

ATVs have handlebar steering with a handlebar throttle and brake. They comfortably seat a driver and a passenger and are incredibly fun to drive/ride!

The Can-Am Outlander ATV is the machine provided on our tours. 

SXS Can-Am Commander Max

2022 SXS Can-Am-Commander-Max-DPS-1000r-Tundra-Green

Our SXS fleet features the 4 seater Can-Am Commander Max DPS.

A Side-by-Side (SXS) has a steering wheel instead of a handlebar. It also has foot-operated gas & brake pedals, seat belts and roll-over protection – making the SXS operation easy and very similar to driving a car.

SXS offers a smooth ride with plenty of room to stow backpacks and extra gear. The roof provides shelter from sun or light rain showers. It is also easier to talk between stops.

Side-by-Side Upgrades – Price ranges between $30 and $70, depending on the length of the tour.