Coming 2023

Toby Creek Adventures is Building Mountain Bike Trails

For the summer of 2023, our goal is to open our first 6.5 km blue flow trail on our lower elevation property. Once our first trail is complete, we plan to build more trails and connect our alpine property and cabin.

Blue Flow Trail Update: As of October 10, 2022 – 5 km complete, 1.5 km to go!

Our mountain bike trails are designed to complement our existing ATV/SXS program. To ensure the safety of our ATV/SXS and mountain bike guests, our lower elevation trails and our alpine network will be accessible only by our shuttle, and you will need to purchase a Toby Creek Adventures shuttle/trail pass. The lower elevation trails will have a bike park feel. Our alpine trails are laid out to be more enduro-style and feature pedalling opportunities if desired.

Class 1 ebikes are welcome. We are following the provincial ebike policy – the policy defines class 1 ebikes as non-motorized and allowed on all established recreation trails unless specifically prohibited (BC Gov., 2019).

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Updates will include

  • Opening day
  • Hours
  • Pricing
  • Future Plans