Important Info For Snowmobile Trips

The following information applies to all snowmobile tours. If you have any questions, please contact us. We are here to make your tour exceptional!

Please read our COVID-19 Policy

Tips To Get The Best From Your Day:  

1. Please arrive on time to register, meet your guide, get the necessary gear, and not delay the trip for the other guests in your group.

2. As much as possible, please arrive prepared and ready to go. Dress warmly in your ski/winter clothing (same as you would for a day of skiing or snowboarding) and be prepared to go.

3. To save time at registration, have your waivers, payments and credit card imprints done before arrival.

Booking: Our snowmobile tours are very popular, and we have many days when all machines are booked out. Please book your desired tour early to avoid disappointment. You can book this tour online using the book now button above or call our office. If you intend to book short notice on a tour (less than 48 hrs notice), please call us to ensure availability. We typically respond to phone calls from 8:am to 9:30 pm – if you do not reach us, please leave a message, and we will return your call as soon as possible.

Prices: All pricing is in Canadian dollars. We accept payment by cash, INTERAC® direct debit and email transfers at no charge. We also accept major credit cards (% surcharge may apply). All pricing is subject to applicable government taxes. Gratuities are not included.

Minimum Age:

  • Driver: 16 years old
  • Passenger: 5 years old

Tour Itinerary Changes: At all times, the safety of all our guests is our priority. For this reason, the tour itinerary may be subject to change due to wildlife, snow cover, weather, group abilities or other unforeseen circumstances. We make every effort to avoid any such changes wherever possible.

Walk-In Guests: We try to accommodate walk-in guests, but we cannot guarantee last-minute space availability on any of our tours. It’s best to call or book ahead to avoid disappointment.

Arrival / Pick-up Time: If you are travelling by private vehicle, please arrive at our base location at the scheduled arrival time for your tour to complete registration and obtain the required clothing and equipment. Please be prompt so as not to delay the departure of your tour and cause inconvenience to other guests. If you are booked for a Banff or Canmore pick-up, please be ready to go at the appointed time and let us know if you have any delays or changes of plans.

Location: Our home base of operations is 1 km before Panorama Mountain Village on Toby Creek Road. For detailed location information, maps and directions, please go here.

What is included?

  • BBQ Lunch (Full day tour) – Vegetarian meals are available upon request.
  • Hot drinks, water & cookies (Half & full day tours)
  • CSA compliant full or open face helmets
  • Snowmobile rental
  • Professional, qualified and experienced interpretive guide
  • Fuel & oil
  • BC government levy
  • Trail pass fee

What to bring:

  • Camera (recommended)
  • Light backpack (optional)
  • Layered clothing – whatever you wear for skiing or snowboarding is generally suitable – we provide snowmobile suits if needed.
  • Goggles (can be purchased at our office if required)
  • Winter Gloves (can be purchased at our office if required)
  • Binoculars (optional)
  • Personal daily medications (if required) – please let us know of any allergies or medical conditions that you may need assistance with.

Snowmobile Suits & Boots

Please note that due to COVID-19 precautions, we urge you to come dressed in suitable winter gear. Ski or snowboarding clothing is also suitable for snowmobiling. If you do not have any suitable clothing, we do have suits and boots available. However, due to the extra cleaning required due to COVID-19, there is a rental charge for these items.

Safety: For your safety and that of your fellow guests, please listen to and follow the advice of your guide at all times.

Medical Conditions: Persons with back injuries, recent surgery or who are pregnant are not recommended to participate. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Cellphones: We do have cellphone coverage at points along the trail and the cabin. We ask that for the experience and enjoyment of all guests, please keep cellphone use to a minimum during the tour. You are, of course, welcome to use the camera function often; however, if you are a driver, please do not attempt to drive your snowmobile and use your camera or phone at the same time.

Smoking: We respectfully request that you do not smoke while wearing one of our helmets – please remove the helmet to smoke. Please also ensure all cigarette butts are discarded safely in the fireplace at the cabin or in an appropriate receptacle.


  • We offer an optional insurance package to cover minor damages to a machine. The cost is $25 per machine, providing $500 coverage for any accidental damages. This insurance option is offered to protect the driver from the cost of minor scrapes, dents and breakages. Please note that damage above $500 is not covered, so please heed the advice and instructions of your guide to ensure a safe trip.
  • We have partnered with Lifestyle Financial Services to offer our guests an optional trip cancellation and medical insurance package.

Security Deposit: A security deposit by signed credit card slip or $1200 cash is required for each machine. The credit card slip is destroyed, or the security deposit is fully refundable upon the return of an undamaged machine. Please note that we do not charge your credit card for the deposit but hold the signed imprint for security.

Liability Waivers: A standard waiver and release of liability are required for all participants. A parent or guardian must complete a liability release for persons under 19 years of age.

Payment and Cancellation Policy: Full payment is required at the time of booking to secure your place. We require 48 hrs notice of cancellation for a refund. Late cancellations are subject to a 100% cancellation fee. Groups of 10 or more must give 14 days’ notice or are subject to full payment for no-shows. Our cancellation deadlines are applied to enable us to schedule guides and machines.

Backpacks & Camera Bags: Your snowmobile can accommodate small backpacks and camera bags. We are happy to provide straps and bungees to secure your bag to the carrier. Alternatively, you or your passenger can wear a backpack while riding. Please ensure all zips, straps and flaps are secured when your snowmobile is in motion.

Photography: We make many stops to take in the view. You are welcome to bring your camera and use it often to record your snowmobile adventure. Please do not hesitate to ask your guide to take group or family photos – we are happy to oblige. We also love to see your photos, so please don’t hesitate to post them on our Facebook page. #tobycreekadventures