Paradise Cabin – Then and Now

2019-02-18 by Toby Creek Adventures

Did you know that the Paradise Cabin was once part of the “Parridice” Silver Mine?

It’s True !!  In fact it is the last structure still intact and in use from the mine days. At one time this building, where our guests now warm-up and enjoy a fireside snack or BBQ lunch, was once the Blacksmith’s workshop.  Judging by its proximity to the old mine entrance the workshop was a central and integral part of daily operations at the mine, keeping mining equipment and tools in working order.

News Clipping of the Paradise Mine in 1952.  The Blacksmith’s workshop (now Paradise Cabin) is in the lower right corner of the photograph.

These days the cabin is a welcome destination in summer and winter, a place to warm up by the fire, catch some sun, take in the amazing mountain scenery, enjoy some great food and refreshments and chat with your guide and fellow snowmobile or ATV adventurers.

On the cabin walls you will find many photos and artifacts to help you get an idea of how the mine once looked.  This building is a part of British Columbia’s mining history.  When you step into the Paradise Cabin spare a thought for all the hard-working miners who used the same building over the decades….and then enjoy a giant Paradise Cookie and a Hot Chocolate.

Read more about the history of the Paradise Mine and the cabin.

After the mine closed, the Blacksmith’s Cabin fell into disrepair and was almost destroyed in the 1990’s along with the other buildings. It was then restored and renovated and is now visited by thousands of guests each year from all over the world.