Is La Niña Returning …and What Could That Mean For The Snowmobile Season?

2017-09-21 by Toby Creek Adventures

It’s still too early to be sure but it’s starting to look like La Niña may be back for the coming winter season.  This is very exciting news for everyone who loves winter adventures including snowmobiling, snowboarding and skiing because traditionally La Niña means a cool snowy winter for the Purcell Mountains and Canadian Rockies.

La Niña is the opposite to El Niño, a weather phenomenon that may bring warmer winters and less snow to our mountains.  Last winter’s La Niña made for a memorable and very fun snowmobiling season.  So we are keeping our fingers crossed that its back for a return visit.

Last Friday (September 15, 2017) the Weather Network reported that this welcome weather phenomenon may be forming again.


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