Our Environmental Commitment

Toby Creek Adventures is committed to protecting our clean environment and operating in an environmentally responsible and aware manner in all aspects of our business.   We are striving to do our best for the environment and for our children’s future with the technology and equipment available today.

We have adopted the following initiatives:

  • Fleet of quiet, low-emission, fuel efficient ATV’s and snowmobiles.  We regularly upgrade our fleet.
  • Regular maintenance plan to ensure optimum low-emission operating parameters.
  • Educating our guests and other back-country motorized users on the need to protect forest, alpine areas and watersheds and avoid leaving designated trails during summer.
  • Ensure all garbage is packed out and taking the time to pick up and remove the garbage others leave behind.
  • Use specially formulated oil to help reduce emissions and constantly ensure that all our machines are properly maintained and tuned for optimum efficiency.
  • Operate FREE bus transport from Banff and Canmore to help reduce vehicle traffic and emissions.
  • Operate a comprehensive in-house recycling program to reduce waste and reuse materials.